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Stop/Gauge-Pusher Systems
TigerStop Stop/Gauge-Pusher Systems
Triple Your Production!
TigerStop should be a mainstay of every shop. This precision measuring device can be quickly adapted to work in conjunction with most other machinery used in the wood, plastics and non-ferrous metals industries. From chop saws, to boring machines, to table saws, TigerStop is the perfect compliment to most applications. Everyone will notice the savings in time, effort, energy and waste. TigerStop's modular component design allows you to pick and choose to fit your exact needs. By eliminating errors, you will quickly see the benefits of your increased production.

Features & Benefits
  TigerSet Communication "Level Two" allows TigerStop to be connected to a PLC or computer via an RS232 serial link and controled by custom programming. Your program not only can control the TigerStop, but it can also read and write two I/O's! This allows additional control for machine cycles, pneumatic clamps, sensors. A world of simple automation solutions in one performance-balanced package!
  TigerLink Download Software provides the necessary interface between TigerStop and your computer to allow the downloading of cut list data for use with TigerOptimizer and the Label Printer.
  TigerOptimizer "Level Three" provides an easy solution for defect optimizing. Use any grade of lumber and cost-effectively optimize it. Your machine operator will produce more with less labor and raw material than ever before.
  TigerOptimizer and Label Printer "Level Four" adds the extra benefit of immediate label output for your cut parts. Print all the data you need to see about each part on thermal self-adhesive labels for further milling or sorting.

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TigerStop® Basic Setup Concepts
There are a few points to be made that apply to all TigerStop setups and should be considered when placing an order.
  TigerStop length is the range of movement, not the overall net length of the fence, which is 24" longer. When planning your workstation, be sure to allow for this additional length. For Example: TigerStop06 has a range of 6 feet (72") and an overall net length of 96".
  TigerStop is ambidextrous -- It can be used on the right or the left side of your saw or other equipment. TigerStop, as it comes in the box, is set up as a LEFT handed machine. To use it as a RIGHT handed machine, simply flip it over. Full details on installation and setup are provided in the TigerStop Manual.
  TigerStop can be mounted to TigerStop tables or your existing tables. TigerStop tables are designed for ease of installation. Mount TigerStop directly to the table top without brackets. When using your existing table, mount TigerStop either to the top or to the back edge. For back edge mounting, use TigerStop attachment brackets. Quantity of brackets depends on the overall length.
  Infeed/Outfeed Tables: The terms "infeed" and "outfeed" have to do with direction of material flow. When TigerStop is used as a set point stop, the side it is mounted on is called "outfeed" because the finished pieces come out between the saw blade and the flipaway stop. When TigerStop is used as a push feeder, the side it is mounted on is called "infeed" because the material is loaded there, and the finished pieces come out on the other side of the saw or other processing machine. Keep this in mind in the setups that follow, when "infeed" and "outfeed" tables are described.
  Mounting TigerStop Feed Tables to Other Equipment. Our feed tables are designed to be supported by a freestanding machine at one end. It is necessary to drill and tap holes in most equipment to attach the feed tables. Many upcut saws have a 45-degree bevel on the outfeed/infeed side. We recommend that you cope the tables into the beveled area so that small pieces of wood do not jamb during operation. Though this takes a bit more time, it will prove worth the effort in the long run. (This is not necessary if you are using a flat-top Whirlwind saw.) TigerStop may in some circumstances interfere with the saw guard, which must be modified to accommodate this. In some situations an extra leg set must be used to support the table instead of bolting it to the machine. It is the installer's responsibility to meet all safety requirements and correct any inherently dangerous situations to meet not only the letter of the law but common sense.
  Powering the TigerStop requires an isolated 110v 50-60Hz AC outlet, with a line filter surge protector, available from TigerStop LLC.
  Using TigerStop with a PLC or Computer. A variety of computer related applications is possible with TigerStop when equipped with its higher-level software options.

For More Information on Our Industrial Products, Contact Us at 800.642.5656!

Other Features
Basic TigerStop  
Basic TigerStop
TigerStop has features everyone can use. This precision measuring device can give you repeatable accuracy up to +/- .004 in. With cut ranges from 3' to 30' TigerStop can be used as a set point optimizer or as a push feeder. TigerStop can increase your productivity so effectively, everyone will notice. There are other features available that can be added to the basic package. Take a look at our accessories pages for more ideas.

TigerRip Fence™  
TigerRip Fence™
This positioner can be mounted to a wide variety of table and panel saws. Attached at two strategic points on your saw, the operator needs to only push the large buttons on the keypad and make his cuts. No more walking around the fence to make adjustments. A simple keystroke and your fence has moved and (that quickly) is now ready for another cut. This unit operates with the accuracy of all TigerStops of plus/minus .004 inches with a lead screw drive and DC servo motor. Simple to install and straightforward to use, it will pay for itself in a very short time.

Tiger Optimizer  
Tiger Optimizer
The TigerOptimizer is a powerful software upgrade for your TigerStop. Install with little if any down time in your production, and start optimizing your cultists right away. TigerOptimizer generates the best fit optimizing at 15,000 equivalent solutions per second to maximize your output and minimize the material wasted during the normal cutting process. Let TigerStop choose from your programmed cutlist files for the best possible yield. This affordable software takes the guesswork out of set point defecting quickly and easily.

TigerStop Heavy Duty  
TigerStop Heavy Duty
TigerStop, the precision measuring device, has expanded the horizon of possible cut ranges with the introduction of the Heavy Duty. Between your standard and HD TigerStop you can process material efficiently from 3' to 150' and hold the same tolerances of plus/minus .004 of an inch. The rack and pinion drive in this unit gives the HD the ability to move material weighing upwards of 500lbs. Whether used in wood, metal or plastics applications, these hefty models have the same familiarity and reliable features of the basic TigerStop.

TigerStop Accessories  
TigerStop Accessories
TigerStop, the leader in digital positioners, offers the best workstation accessories. From tables made of 3/16th inch steel and built to hold several hundred pounds, to the line filter that protects the incoming power supply, our accessories selection support your TigerStop with a variety of components. The following pages will explain them all.