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Stiles Shop Solutions Sliding Table Saws
Stiles Shop Solutions F 45 ELMO 3
As a division of the leading U.S. distributor of woodworking equipment, Stiles Shop Solutions sets the standard for supplying top quality equipment, a highly trained sales staff, and dependable support services. Their team is dedicated to understanding the needs and challenges unique to small- and medium-sized shops, and their products provide the best technology at the best value to help your business grow. Stiles Shop Solutions is the industry supplier prepared to help you achieve your goals.

The ELMO 4 sliding table saw delivers a 35% - 40% timesavings over a standard sliding table saw by eliminating the need to walk around the sliding table to manually position the rip fence and cross-cut fence. The CNC-controlled, motorized rip fence and cross-cut fence are controlled via a swing-away control panel located conveniently at eye level.

Features & Benefits
  The first cut is the final cut, improving the results of subsequent machining
  Cuts solid wood, plastics, and non-ferrous metals as perfectly as it cuts panels and makes perfect miters, as well as rip, jointing and cross-cuts
  The ELMO (Electro-Motorized) positioning rip fence and cross-cut fence incorporate a ball screw drive system for unparalleled accuracy and move at a speed of 50 feet/minute (15 meters/minute) into position, ensuring they are in final position before you are ready to make your next cut
  Motorized tilting of saw unit and raising/lowering of saw blade is quickly and accurately achieved by keypad control
  Saw unit is electronically balanced and precisely positioned to provide vibration-free running at each of four easily changed cutting speeds
  Rapido shimless scoring system ensures absolutely chip-free cutting of melamine, vinyl, high-pressure laminate and veneered particleboard, even when saw blade is tilted
  CNC-controlled, with program memory capable of storing 600 cutting patterns and 1800 cutting sequences

Solid Wood Applications
Trimming, Ripping, Sizing, Chamfering, and Concealed Cuts

Panel Applications
Squaring, Dividing Up, Sizing, Cutting with Scorer, Angle Cuts, and Miter Cuts

For More Information on Our Industrial Products, Contact Us at 800.642.5656!

Other Features
Altendorf Crosscut-Miter Fence   Altendorf RAPIDO Shimless Scoring System
Crosscut-Miter Fence   RAPIDO Shimless Scoring System
The crosscut-miter fence with integrated length compensation facilitates precise crosscutting and miter cutting in a single function. It's possible to change between the front and back position on the cross slide without lifting the fence.   A scorer should be used for chip-free cutting on the underside of panels. Our system allows you to rapidly adjust the cutting width of the scorer to the main saw blade in order to achieve the most precise cutting results.

Altendorf Rip Fence   Altendorf TIP-SERVO-DRIVE
Smooth and precise adjust-ment of the rip fence with manual fine adjustment. When sizing large panels, the fence can be simply swung away below the level of the table.   Stiles TIP-SERVO-DRIVE is a servo-assisted drive for the sliding table. Makes cutting heavy workpieces easy. The advantages: far less effort, minimal strain on the operator's back, optimum speed control for a variety of materials.

Altendorf Quick-Action Pneumatic Clamp   Altendorf Laser Cutting Line Marker
Quick-Action Pneumatic Clamp   Laser Cutting Line Marker
Secures the workpiece on the sliding table. Workpiece height: max. 90 mm (3.54 in.), gripping force: max. 1000 N. Advantage: workpiece is held securely against the crosscut fence. Remote-controlled.   Up to approximately 5000 mm (196.85 in.) beam length, useful when trimming or cutting marked jobs, e.g. for steps. Advantage: saves time and materials.