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Return Conveyors
Doucet BT-2000 Series Return Conveyor
Doucet BT-2000 Series Return Conveyors
Unlike their human counterpart, the automated system needs no hiring, no training, does not take off sick and works extended hours without receiving extra money. This is also true for conveyors installed on shaper/sanders, single-end tenoners, planers and wide belt sanders.

Built on a modular frame, BT-2000 Return Conveyors incorporate the fast, simple and highly effective belt transfer system as follows:

Operating Speeds
BT-2000 Return Conveyors are equipped with a DC variable speed drive to match the processing speed of your equipment, receiving table speed is adjustable 30 to 90 ft/min, belt transfer speed is fixed at 180 ft/min and return conveyor speed is adjustable from 60 to 180 feet/min.

Infeed Device
Two motorized infeed arms on BT-2024 and BT-2030 models, three arms on BT-2036. Arms operate at the same speed as the receiving table and can be positioned anywhere along its width. BT-2048 and BT-2060 models are equipped with motorised rollers instead of arms.

Direction of Return
According to your indications, BT-2000 Return Conveyors are built for right or left-handed return. However, they remain adaptable to your changing needs throughout their useful life. Transfer and return orientation can be field-modified from right-hand to left-hand and vice-versa. Options such as the panel turner and the panel deviator can be added-on and the transfer section can be broadened.

Optional Features
Most of the following features are standard on the BT-2000 Series with the exception of the Automatic Panel Turner and the Motorized Infeed Rollers which are optional on some models. Call for details.
  A 3', 5' or 7' addition to the receiving table length, up to a total length of 8', 10' or 12' respectively
  Additional return length (in 24" increments), proportional to your equipment
  Additional transfer width (in 12" increments)
  Panel deviator for parts less than 6" wide
  Motorized infeed arms
  Motorized infeed rollers (may require modification of edgebander outrigger)
  Set of 3 additional transfer belts (for heavier panels)
  Automatic panel turner (adds 5' to overall length of return conveyor)

Panel Turner Option
Available on BT-2024, BT-2030 and BT-2036 models, this device simplifies processing short sides of oversized rectangular material. Panels are automatically turned 90° prior to lateral transfer and return, thus reducing overhang below 30% of panel width.   Doucet Panel Turner Option

What Model Will Best Suit My Application?
It depends on the maximum dimension of most of the panels processed on your finishing equipment. The minimum panel size (common to all five models) is 6" X 6". On conveyors equipped with the panel deviator option, the minimum recommended size is 4" X 12". Please refer to the chart (above) outlining BASIC maximum sizes and capacity ENHANCED by part time operator assistance or installation of a panel turner.

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Doucet BTRS Return Conveyor
Doucet BTRS Return Conveyors
Return Conveyors for Straight Line Rip Saws
The Doucet BTRS Return Conveyor, a proven solution to rationalize an essential yet labour intensive operation. The return conveyor is available in four different configurations, namely models BTRS-68, BTRS-69, BTRS-70 and BTRS-71. All models feature a receiving conveyor section 3', 5', 8', 10' or 12' long, an independant motorized perpendicular belt transfer with a vertical movement actuated by a pneumatic system as well as motorized return rollers of varying widths and lengths based on model and application.

BTRS-68   The BTRS-68 returns everything to the operator. The material arrives on the side of the rip saw table, two inches lower than the table height. Modification of the rip saw table is not required.

BTRS-69 The BTRS-69 returns only the material to be re-ripped directly onto the rip saw table. Parts on the right-hand side of the cut line fall into a storage bin.
A belt conveyor can be installed to meet other requirements. On some models of rip saws equipped with a very wide table, such as the Mattison 404, modification of the rip saw table is required.

BTRS-70   The BTRS-70 returns everything to the operator onto the rip saw table at the same height as the table. On some models of rip saws equipped with a very wide table, such as the Mattison 404, modification of the rip saw table is required.

BTRS-71   The BTRS-71 returns everything to the operator on the side of the rip saw table at the same height as the table. Modification of the rip saw table is not required.